Please Read Before You Register As An Affiliate

Registering as an affiliate of is free and easy, although you must have a free PayPal personal account set up with a valid email address before you register as an affiliate of, because commission payouts from this affiliate program are only deposited into PayPal accounts.

NOTE: When registering for your free PayPal account, only register for a personal PayPal account and not a business account.

When filling out the affiliate registration form for this affiliate program, you will need to enter your valid email address associated with your free PayPal personal account.

Registering for a free PayPal account is simple. Important tip: You will not need to enter in any credit card information when you sign up for your free PayPal account, even though the process will offer the option at the time you register for that free PayPal account. Simply skip entering your credit card information and finish the PayPal sign up to get your PayPal account set up.

Once your free PayPal account is set up and you have received an email confirmation from PayPal that you have a free PayPal account, you can then use the same email address when filling out this affiliate registration form.

Getting Paid

Any commissions earned will be directly deposited into your free PayPal account on the first of each month, 30 days after any guarantee time period has expired on the sale of any product or service from this website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!: Depending on the date of any purchase of a product or service through your affiliate link, you may not be paid on that earned commission for up to 61 days due to any product/service purchases that offer a guaranteed time period, such as 30-day refunds.

Once paid, you will have options available within your PayPal account to transfer those earned commissions into your personal checking, or to buy stuff online if you choose. Any PayPal money transfers into your personal checking are free.

Commission Reversals

Commissions will be shown as earned in your account instantly upon any purchase through your affiliate link. Although, if any refunds are given to a customer within any guaranteed time period for a particular product or service sold through your affiliate link, there will be a commission reversal automatically registered on your account.

Please don’t panic if you experience seeing a commission reversal upon logging into your affiliate account.

Commission reversals are the nature of all affiliate programs and do happen from time to time. It is understandable that seeing a reversal can feel somewhat unnerving at the time it happens. Every affiliate in every affiliate program experiences this same process. The best advice is to be prepared ahead to see reversals from time to time when you log into your affiliate account.

As a helpful notice: products and services that offer any guaranteed time period can experience refund rates up to 50 percent depending on the quality of the product or service and the integrity of the individual who makes the purchase. Even the best of products and services sold online have refund rates up to 20 percent.

Affiliate Email Notifications – Important!

After you complete the affiliate signup form, you will receive more than one email containing important links. One of the links in an email will confirm a signup to receive important affiliate email notifications. Be sure to click on that important confirmation link that will be delivered from Aweber.

Be sure to check your spam folder for all emails from during this affiliate registration process.

By registering for this affiliate program, you agree to the terms in the “Affiliate Agreement.”

Spam Laws And Rules – Important!

Be sure to learn all about the spam laws and regulations, so that you do not risk losing your affiliate account due to spam infractions or complaints while marketing your affiliate links and banners.

We have a zero tolerance for spam and you will lose your affiliate account and any commissions earned if you break any spam laws or rules in the Affiliate Agreement.

It is best to use the “Contact” link on any page on this website and ask questions before you attempt marketing avenues you are not sure about.

Affiliate Login Link

The “Affiliates” login link is found at the bottom in the footer on any page on this website.

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