Valid For Seven Days!

Submit your video testimonial within seven days after you purchase to receive the added discount. Not valid after seven days.

If you wish to submit a video testimonial in order to receive either of the two added discounts on Option 1 and Option 2, follow these directions.

The video testimonial must be positive and heart felt about the House Painting Coach Premium membership program. It is best to think about what you will say and have a plan before you record your video testimonial. Do not read your testimonial. You will need to show your face in this video as you speak, so people can see you talking.

You can either upload the video testimonial to or send a copy of the unedited video file to

Once you submit a video testimonial, be sure to contact and let them know your username so that we can give you the refund.

By offering your own video testimonial, you give Change For Us, LLC and the rights to use and publish this video testimonial on any website or anywhere online for an indefinite period of time. Change For Us, LLC and will own all rights to your video testimonial and can edit or publish the video content on any website at any time for an indefinite period.